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Now, unfortunately on Lom's car we found that it had a couple of issues..........they were basically dealing with a broken CV boot and tie rod end boot. These issues can be addressed while doing this job since everything has to come out. Again, just make sure you have plenty of time to work on it all and always ask a buddy to help.


Now, once the assembly is off the vehicle you will notice that it has four bolts on the back side.
Make sure to remove these and place the entire assembly on a vise to hold it tight for the next steps:

Once the bolts are removed and the assembly is secured on a vise..........get two random bolts that are longer then the ones you took out and have the same thread. Screw them in opposite of each other.
The picture shows where they can with the air hammer OR a regular hammer go back and forth between each bolt. You will notice the hub/rotor assembly slowly move out of the housing.

Once they come off you can now remove the four bolts from the front of the hub/'ll be able to then pull the rotor and hub/bearing assembly apart. Please keep in mind that again, this is a good time to replace your wheel bearing if it is bad.



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