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Now, if the bearing is still good and can be reused (in Lom's case it was) then take a few minutes to clean the inner Knuckle assembly it came out off and the bearing itself. You can also take some axle grease and lube up the parts that are going back together later on.


NOW, you have two choices for the rotors:

You can get brand spanking new ones or have them turned at a machine shop. In Lom's case we started with machining but soon found out his passenger side was warped and could not be turned. So we opted to just go brand new on them to minimize any future problems. Picture below shows the rotor that was machined and the one that kicked the bucket.

Once you have determined what you want for your rotors etc. (could also be aftermarket) it is time to reassemble everything back on. First off, make sure you rebolt the hub/bearing back on to the new rotor.

Before sticking everything back on to the Knuckle........make sure the bearing matches the shape....these are pointed below just make sure everything is aligned properly or you'll have some fun time trying to get everything back apart.

Next grab the four bolts you took off the back from earlier and thread them in by hand. The next step is just like when you were taking the hub off except you are trying to get the assembly back in. Go back and forth between the bolts in a criss cross pattern until the bearing is fully seated in place.


Once both sides are done it is time to reverse the disassembly procedure from the this point you are putting back everything you took off....tie rod & bolt, upper arm & bolt...etc. etc.

Once tyou have everything back in an snugged.........make sure to reassemble the Caliper assembly back on to the Knuckle behind the rotor.

Now, make sure not to forget to torque the axle nut back in and beat it with the SMALL BOY


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