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Originally Posted by RCivic View Post
If you don't want to take the knuckle all the way off, just unbolt the ABS sensor, pop bottom ball joint and drop axle down and out of the way, then get some bolts about 1-2" longer than the ones in it. Start them in then use a BFH and whack them in a pattern like you would tighten your lug nuts. Do that until the thing pops loose. My air hammer would not touch the hub but using the bolts and BFH made short work of getting the hub/bearing out of there. I remove the ABS sensor only to ensure I don't destroy it from a bad shot with the hammer.

And yes, up to 97 got the dumb HOR (Hub over Rotor) setup. If I have to do the wagon again, I'll be doing a ROH conversion...

Nice write up.
Thanks, yeah what you posted is also a good idea as well except that with everything off the vehicle its much easier to work with....not everyone has great hand eye coordination when using a hammer in a confined space.

By taking It all off you can also take the time to clean the knuckle out and paint it. If I would of spent more time with the vehicle, that would of been the case.

All in all this shows people how to take the assembly off if they ever need to replace other items within that area.

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