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Default Mishimoto releases 2 new Oil Catch Cans!

March 7, 2011 - Mishimoto has just released two new catch cans to add to their existing line of cooling accessories. The Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can will prevent a harmful buildup of oil inside of the turbocharger, intake manifold, intercooler and piping. A catch can prevents oil from getting into pressurized turbo plumbing and stops oil vapors from getting into the intake system that would ultimately lead to lower combustion temperatures and reduced overall efficiency. With two choices in size available, the polished Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Can comes complete as a kit containing the hose, clamps, fittings, mounting bracket and all hardware necessary for a perfect upgrade in performance and aesthetics for your car.

Mishimoto guarantees superior performance and quality with an unmatched lifetime warranty on all parts. Call Mishimoto directly at 1-877-GO-MISHI or visit www.Mishimoto.com for more product information, including technical specifications.
Aluminum Oil Catch Can - Small
MSRP: Contact our distributors for best pricing!

Diameter - 2.5"
Can Height - 6.2"
Overall Height - 7.0"
Fluid Capacity - 480cc

Aluminum Oil Catch Can - Large
MSRP: Contact our distributors for best pricing!

Diameter - 3.5"
Can Height - 6.3"
Overall Height - 7.0"
Fluid Capacity - 900cc

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