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Default Re: Gain Status Race Mufflers/Custom Exhaust Setups

Hi just wondering how much would be yo make a axle back for my civic
the way I want it is not canister just want like 3 inch tip on it
let me know 515-339-4728 thanks
00... civic coupe

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Wrench Re: Gain Status Race Mufflers/Custom Exhaust Setups

I'm very interested in your Gain Status Flip Out muffler. If I get you specs tonight or tomorrow...what would the turn around time and price be shipped to 1808 61st Street, Des Moines, IA 50322? This would be going on my 93 Civic hatchback. Turns out, the Vibrant muffler I have won't clear the rear subframe/bumper gap. 2.25" would be the inlet size. I have a rear sway bar as well. Thank You.

515-710-0435 is my cell

Name is Gabe Bauman


FOR SALE> http://www.jdmcity.com/showthread.php?t=3858

CLICK IT> http://gabusface.blogspot.com/

PS: I cut holes in fenders...pm me.
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JDM Knight
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Default Re: Gain Status Race Mufflers/Custom Exhaust Setups

Very interested in the turn down race muffler.. would prefer just the 3 in pipe with turn down.. pm me asap or contact me via telephone @ 5157784846. Names chris. Thanks


"It's a pretty simple concept really...suck ,squeeze,bang,blow ... Repeat as necessary."
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