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Default More Than Just A Rebuild- Justinís 2002 Trans Am CETA Documentary

Video inside.

Sometimes I'm asked why I do what I do. I could give many simple answers, but honestly the biggest thing for me is to make a difference in someone. I want to inspire someone to do something they're afraid of doing. Nothing worthwhile comes without great risk. I've started on my first video project over the weekend. Over the next month or two I will be following a friend through the rebuild of his pride and joy. Seeing and hearing about the struggles he has fought and overcome have been a true inspiration to me and I hope to inspire others with his story of battling and defeating cancer not only once, but twice being only 23 years old. His car is his passion, through it, he illustrates who he is. What's yours?

Stay tuned for the full video within the next few months.
Keep in mind this is the very first time actually messing with video. This video is composed of footage from one day, so some of the shaky stuff won't make the cut. I just felt as though I needed to make a quick teaser.

Feel free to follow me.
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Default Re: More Than Just A Rebuild- Justinís 2002 Trans Am CETA Documentary

Great feel and good footage. Not that I dabble in video but my only advice would be to change the way you transition instead of just starting the picture "out of focus" and bringing it into focus. Became repetitive throughout the video. Otherwise, really diggin' it.


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