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Default The Marketplace Thread Posting Rules & Guidelines/FAQ

Post/Thread Format

This section of the forum is for selling, buying, or trading for members ONLY. If you would like to make these transactions, please title your thread accordingly and precisely, in the following format:

Thread Template.

You MUST use this template (all fields are required, unless stated):... pictures are required at the time the thread was created!! no exceptions!!

Asking/Offering Price:
Email Address/Phone Number (optional):
Zip Code:
Item Description:

For auto listings these are also required in addition to the fields above.

Title Status:
Color Exterior/Interior:

**Ads that do not follow the proper formatting will be locked / deleted.

FS: *************** (for selling items)
WTT: ************* (for trading)
WTB: ************* (for want to buy)


FS: Civic HKS Hi-Power exhaust
WTT: AEM cold air intake for stock intake + cash
WTB: B18C intake manifold

  • Be descriptive as much as possible in both the title and post content. After all, you want to advertise your stuff right?

  • Post up photos of what you are advertising. Pictures sell!

For Sale (Auto) Forum Rules/Guidelines

  • Photos. At least one photo of parts. You must have photo(s) within 24hrs of original post. We have no tolerance for any time constraint and technology excuses you may have.

  • Price. A set/ballpark price/offer for item(s).

  • Contact information. A way to contact you via email, phone, private message, etc. This is optional, but recommended.

General Marketplace Forums Rules/Guidelines

Before posting, please read carefully and follow these rules and guidelines below:
  • If you are selling wholesale parts in quantity, you MUST become a vendor.

  • Bumping threads more frequently than normal is discouraged. Please refrain from bumping threads more than once a week.

  • DO NOT post "Want to Buy" or WTB in the "For Sale" forum. Post them in the "Want to Buy" forum.

  • DO NOT post up a link/image you found on the internet, unless it is BRAND NEW UNOPENED IN BOX.

  • DO NOT post needless talk in the forums. All posts must be in a business manner.

  • DO NOT post-whore to get to 25 post count. If caught, your account will be banned.

  • Please refrain yourself from selling part(s) belonging to your friend, girlfriend, dad, aunt, etc. as much as possible.

  • Once you have sold your parts, please edit your FIRST post with the word "SOLD" or similar to let others know.


  • In addition to the above rules, follow the general rules/guidelines at http://www.jdmcity.com/showthread.php?t=992.


Why is my thread locked/closed?

It is most likely that you did not follow the rules, or the thread got off topic. If the thread was locked/closed in error, please PM the admin/moderators.

Why can't I post a new thread in the Marketplace Forums?

Thread postings in the Marketplace Forums are for vendors and users w/ 15+ posts and registered for more than 7 days only. Others can only reply to threads.

Please also refer to this FAQ: http://www.jdmcity.com/showthread.php?p=7300

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Default Re: The Marketplace Thread Posting Rules & Guidelines/FAQ

Please read!!


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